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Good News: November 20 2017

– Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving and Advent – a note from Pastor Tim
– Stewardship Thank You!
– Faith Life at Gloria Dei pages 2-3: Thanksgiving Eve Worship and Desserts; OWLS Holy Socks; GO: Bishop Dudley; GO: The Banquet-Cookies; Children’s Christmas Program Info and much much more.
– Start the Conversation this Thanksgiving
– We NEED serving volunteers!
– Prayers for Thanksgiving Meal
– Prayer Shawl Request

Weekly Post – Senior Pastor

Friday Followings: Taking Care of the Soul

Hello Gloria Dei,
The Bible teaches that we as human beings are created in the very image of God. We are more than just living bodies with blood running through our veins. Each of us has a living soul.
Most of us try hard to take care of our bodies. We go for walks. We may go to a gym for exercise. Some of us prefer to walk while playing golf. We are mindful of what we should eat and what we shouldn’t eat to keep our bodies healthy.
Yet let me remind you today that we need to take care of our souls too. At its heart, the human soul longs for peace, contentment, purpose, and happiness in life. The human soul longs for fellowship, for sharing with others, and most of all, to be reconciled and in a loving relationship with the God who created us.
Dare I say that most of humanity strives to meet the care and appetites of the body much more than the soul? Consequently we become out of balance. We become overdone with the striving for pleasure and material goods to please the physical self, yet we are lacking in meeting the needs of the soul.
Part of taking care of the soul is pausing, being quite, and simply giving thanks. Gratitude is one of God’s greatest graces. Gratitude leads to being content with what we have, while striving to do great things for God. Gratitude takes our focus off of ourselves and lifts our soul to God. Gratitude opens our lives up to our neighbors’ needs. Gratitude, in short, is food for the soul and it leads to joy.
As you gather with family and friends this Thanksgiving, enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you. Laugh together, pray together, talk with one another, and above all, give thanks to God together. The bottom line is this; nothing but God ever really satisfies the soul. Give thanks to God often and always and see the joy in your life soar.
Be reminded that this weekend in worship, in thankfulness to God, we make financial pledges to God’s work through this Christian congregation, Gloria Dei, for the year 2018. As we move from two funds (Capital and General) to one fund, I ask you to be generous in your giving. Give with joy and thanksgiving. Just as God’s love feeds your soul and mine, so too the work of Christ’s church spreads God’s love within our church family, around the Sioux Falls community, and to the ends of the earth.
See you in worship! Don’t starve your soul!
Pastor Tim