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Good News: April 16, 2018

– Strength for What? a letter from Pastor Sarah
– Blizzard forces event rescheduling, check out new dates and times
– 1st Annual Mission Festival this weekend, order your tamales and salsa now, complete details page 4
– Class of 2018, send us your graduation information
– GRACE Recital 4/29
– Sign- up for summer events
– FUNDrive, the youth need your used clothing, linens, rugs etc…bring in 13 gallon bags to youth room by April 29
– A New Called And Sent Team = Funeral C.A.S.T.
– LAST DAY for programming is fast approaching, check out when events wrap up for spring, page 4
– and more! Get connected to Faith Life at Gloria Dei — All Are Welcome!

Weekly Post – Senior Pastor

Friday Followings: Loved, Restored, and Sent

Hello Gloria Dei,

This weekend in worship we have one of the great encounters in all of Scripture. Found in John 21:1-19, it is between the risen Jesus and his disciple Peter. If you recall, before Jesus died, Peter, while keeping warm around a charcoal fire, denied even knowing Jesus three times. Afterwards, Peter felt awful. How could he turn his back so terribly on his good friend, especially right when Jesus needed him the most? Peter went and wept bitterly.

Fast forward to after the resurrection. This time it is again around a charcoal fire. Peter has been fishing. When he comes back to shore, there is Jesus, making breakfast on the fire. The sight and smell of the fire reminds Peter of the darkest day of his life: his denial of Jesus.

Yet Jesus does a truly remarkable thing. He asks Peter if Peter loves him, and when Peter responds affirmatively, Jesus gives Peter his life’s purpose: “Peter, feed my sheep”. The same question, answer, and purpose is repeated not once, not twice, but three times. In response to Peter’s three-fold denial, Jesus restores him three times. It is forgiveness and reconciliation at its deepest and best. Rather than meeting Peter with condemnation, Jesus provides instead love, forgiveness and purpose.

I love this story. Why? Because I think it lays out for us in such a powerful and poignant manner, God’s very attitude toward you and me. So often we are broken by sin. So often our lives become filled with, and are often defined by, our guilt and our shame. Things we have done; things done to us; regrets; burdens. Like Peter, we even let God down by what we do or fail to do. It’s hard to shed it all and move forward.

Yet, into the midst of our brokenness steps the risen Jesus. He meets us, loves us, forgives us, and gives to us in joy our life’s purpose. “Go and feed my sheep”.

This weekend at Gloria Dei we are celebrating a Mission Festival. We will be highlighting ways in which you, the people of Gloria Dei, are active in the community and the world. There will be displays of ministry going on beyond our walls, and will give each of us opportunity to jump in and help in “feeding Jesus’ sheep” around the world.

I’m excited that Seminary Student Rebel Herd will bring us God’s Word in worship. Rebel heads up “Church on the Street”, a word and sacrament ministry among the homeless population right here in Sioux Falls. Rebel has been called by God into this important ministry, and it is through the ongoing support of Gloria Dei and many other congregations that this mission of “feeding sheep” is made possible.

Being loved, forgiven, reconciled, and sent by God is a great gift that belongs to you. Unwrap the gift, put it to use, pray for others, and be about the good work that God gives for you to do in Christ’s name.

See you in worship,

Pastor Tim