Deily Work Details: May 5 2017

On Saturday April 1 the youth of Gloria Dei sold 587 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on the street corners of Sioux Falls. For anyone who loves numbers, that is 7044 donuts. For anyone who loves Krispy Kremes, we hope you were able to come out and get your donuts. For anyone who loves our youth and supported them with this fundraiser, THANK YOU!! 
A HUGE Thank You to anyone and everyone who helped to prepare, serve or enjoy this wonderful feast. We served a record 387 people at this year’s brunch! We continue to be amazed by how fabulous and generous this congregation is in supporting the Youth and their mission trips. This year our youth will be traveling to Philadelphia, and Minneapolis in service to others.
The youth assembled Easter baskets and personally delivered them to the members of the Gather Bible Study this past Wednesday. The women in the study were surprised and very welcoming to the youth who came by. There were conversations shared and many smiles exchanged. If you ask the women they would say how much it meant to them and what a treat it was; but if you ask the youth they would claim to be the real lucky ones in this exchange. What a gift to be able to connect in fellowship through service.
We got wind that this group was making quilts for a special foundation, so we inquired and got this response, “Yes, our Peace by Piece quilting group is starting to make quilts for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation for their Breathe Bravely bundles. We have a couple of work days to finish up some quilt tops that were in progress and we hope to have them quilted and delivered soon.”
Tucked back in the hallway to the east of the sanctuary is a beautiful, fully equipped quilting room, that is used by two different quilting groups. But what is truly beautiful are the quilts that are lovingly and prayerfully pieced together, and the members who create them. Interested? Contact 605-371-3737
Community Blood Bank provides blood to 34 area hospitals, providing nearly 100 pints a day to local patients. A HUGE Thank You to the 20 people who donated blood during the bloodmobile on Sun April 9.
*Know of some interesting ministry going on around Gloria Dei?  Share a few details with us, we’d love to hear!